15 Questions To Ask Before Investing in a Stretching Device

Richard Kahui stretching

1. Is it portable?

For stretching  devices or equipment to be effective, they need to be able to accompany you when you need it most – before and/or after you workout or take part in sport or demanding physical activity. Don’t kid yourself that it’s portable unless it can easily fit into your workout bag, or you just won’t take it.

Stretch A Flex is compact and portable enough take  anywhere, to any workout.

2. Is it versatile?

Can it help you in performing an array of stretches to stretch your whole body, not just one or two stretches as with some stretching devices/machines on the market today. Is it easy to use for both upper and lower body stretches, including the full-split stretch?

Stretch A Flex is totally versatile and can help you perform a large variety of stretches- upper body/lower body, static, dynamic, isometric, and of course the full split stretch.

3. Does it allow you full control over the intensity of the stretch?

When stretching, you must be able to feel control throughout the stretch and not have the device dictate the intensity by “pulling/pushing” on you without your input, as with some elastic or rubber stretch bands. This control should come from the actual limb being stretched.

Stretch A Flex gives you total control over the intensity of your stretching – you can adjust the tension as Stretch A Flex will only push back as hard as you push on it.

4. Does it allow it allow you to do stretches that are sport specific?

As with any activity, the more your stretches relate directly to your sport or activity the more beneficial they will be to you. That is why it is used by such a variety of top sports people from top international ice hockey goalies and martial arts exponents through to the worlds best rugby players such as the famous New Zealand All Blacks who train with Stretchaflex.

Stretch A Flex is versatile and allows the user to adjust their stretches to the needs of their sport.

5. Is it easy to use?

Can you adjust from one stretch to the next with minimal effort? Remember, if it’s not easy to use you won’t use it.

Stretch A Flex works from the moment you first try it, many say that after their first time using Stretch A Flex that they have not felt such a great stretch in years, if ever.

6. Does it comply with the scientifically recognised methods of stretching?

Does it allow you to perform “Dynamic” stretches before a workout and then “Isometric” (P.N.F.), or “Static” stretches at other times when needed.

Stretch A Flex allows the user to put all the latest scientific theory on stretching into action in the most effective way possible.

7. Does it allow you to stretch through the whole length of the muscle?

Most devices, because they hold you in a fixed position, only stretch a confined area of a muscle which can only bring limited results, and, in some cases, predispose you to injury in that muscle. Because Stretch A Flex allows such a great range and variety of movement, it allows you to manipulate your body in such a way that you can vary the stretch you get to various parts of your muscle.

Stretchaflex is key to gaining greater flexibility and avoiding injury when you stretch.

8. Is it safe?

It can be unsafe, among other reasons, by not allowing you to stretch through the whole muscle, stretching only in a confined area of the muscle, or placing strain on your joints eg. knees and ankles.

Stretch A Flex is safe because it gives the user total control over intensity , direction and duration of stretch as well as allowing you to control the area of the muscle as you feel the stretch.

9. Does it allow you to warm up as you progress through your stretching routine?

As we all know, a warm up is a prerequisite for a good, safe stretch. Only a device that will allow you to move your limbs through their full range of motion will allow a sufficient warm up. Many people neglect to stretch because it is simply not convenient, especially if you need to perform a thorough warm up before even starting.

Using Stretch A Flex works the muscles, which warms them, and as you feel the muscles warm and release you are able to stretch further.

The minute you start using Stretch A Flex® you start to warm up.

10. Is it effective?

Does the stretching device work with you to allow you to reach your maximum stretch over a range of stretches?

If it doesn’t, why bother?

Stretch A Flex is effective. It will help you stretch to ranges you never thought possible. Stretch A Flex works – just see what our many satisfied customers say.

11. Does it rely on the use of your hands and arms to provide the resistance for your stretches?

You need a stretching device that mostly allows you to use your legs or body as an anchor point. Stretching aids that are hand held don’t allow you to get adequate leverage for many stretches, as your arms simple aren’t as strong as your legs, where most of your stretches will be done, as they will tire before you can gain any real stretching benefit.

With Stretch A Flex the majority of stretches are controlled by the feet, working one leg against the other to control tension, thus avoiding fatigue in the arms, and facilitating an enjoyable relaxed stretching session.

12. Is it a pure stretching device?

Does the stretching device require you to also have a strength workout every time you want to stretch, as with some of the rubber band devices? Nothing would put you off a regular stretching program quicker than having to force your way through a stretching routine. What you need is a stretching aid that allows you to concentrate on getting the best stretch possible for you at that given time, where you dictate the intensity of the stretch.

Stretch A Flex works the muscles gently and is not an off putting workout. Stretching with Stretch A Flex can be as simple and short or as long as you desire. Even stretching for a few minutes will be beneficial and often more beneficial than long involved workouts.

13. What Size Is Right For Me?

Choose your stretchaflex based on your height from the sizing chart below.

 Size To Choose

Your Height

Up to 5 Ft 3 inches
(160 cm)
Up to 6 Ft 0 inches
(182 cm)
Up to 6 Ft 5 inches
(196 cm)
X Long
Over 6 Ft 5 inches
(196 cm)

14. How Much Does This Stretching Device Cost?

The price to own your stretchaflex stretching device is 59.95 USD + 9.95 shipping and handling (anywhere in the world)

15. What Is Included In My Order When I Purchase A Stretchaflex?

Your order includes all of the following:

Your order includes:

  1. Your portable Stretchaflex® Stretching Aid
  2. The Stretchaflex DVD
  3. A Portable Carry Pouch
  4. And for a limited time only the Stretchaflex booklet, a quick and easy reference to your favourite stretches.

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