Shaun O’Leary – The Inventor of Stretchaflex

Shaun O'LearyFormer Judo Olympic Games competitor, physical education specialist and graduate of Otago University New Zealand.

Stretchaflex creator Shaun O’Leary has been involved in training and teaching Martial Arts for over 35 years. As international martial artists champion, the developer of this stretching device holds black belt grades in several Martial Arts including a 5th Dan in Shorinjiryu Karate. Shaun is also the senior instructor of the mainline branch of Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karate in New Zealand.

Why Shaun Created Stretchaflex

Shaun’s interest in stretching equipment was triggered by his lack of natural flexibility and the dissatisfaction with what was available in terms of stretching and flexibility enhancing equipment. For several years he experimented with scientifically established stretching methods including; P.N.F, Isometric Stretching, Reciprocal Inhibition, Dynamic Stretching, Active Stretching and Passive Stretching.

Shaun O'Leary the Inventor

From Shaun’s extensive research came  the birth  Stretchaflex; an ingenious flexibility enhancer specially designed to provide the optimal leverage required for ‘super stretches’. Shaun choose any quality materials in the creation of the stretching product,  constructed from highly resilient webbing with Velcro-style hooks, a loop running along its’ length and a stainless steel adjuster loop.

Unlike stretching with the aid of a partner, Stretchaflex allows you to monitor your own stretch comfort zone so you are able to gain the optimal intensity for maximal flexibility, and avoid over stretching and injury – a common issue with many sporting professionals. Shaun designed the product so it is easily adjusted, allowing for incredible diversity of stretches and enabling you to change from one stretch to the next with minimal effort. By utilizing recognized scientific stretching principles the Stretchaflex allows you to “listen to your own body” as you stretch and to achieve super stretches leading to ultimate flexibility.

Now a School Principal, Shaun continues to train and teach martial arts, passing on his vast knowledge and experience. Even at 50+ years of age Shaun is still able to achieve a full splits stretch thanks to his daily stretching routine with Stretchaflex.

As a martial arts instructor, I regularly encounter the situation where I must be able to demonstrate high kicking techniques to my students, often with little or no warm up.This usually occurs after taking a children’s class when I take time to talk with parents or just collect my thoughts while one of my senior black belts takes the adults for a thorough warm up. I now spend a few minutes going through “dynamic” stretching kicking sequences before joining the adult class.Then, because I am confident that my legs have been safely stretched and extended through their entire range of movement with the aid of Stretch A Flex, I can kick to my maximum height and technical ability with ease and without fear of tearing a muscle. Nothing else but Stretch A Flex can do this for me.” – Shaun O’Leary (Inventor)


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